Cape Town Residential Security Services

You don’t have to turn your home into a fortress to make sure your family is safe, and you can sleep at night. With our residential security services, you can protect your home and family without making it obvious you have a security system.

Technology has come a very long way in the home security industry. Today’s systems are designed to blend into your home and provide the protection you desire. If you’re looking for a discreet solution to your home security needs and aesthetically pleasing equipment, our team is ready to help you.

At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we specialize in residential security in Cape Town. Our security professionals team knows how to assess the risks, provide a custom-designed system, and ensure you know exactly how your new home security system works. No matter the level of protection you desire, we’re here to help you.

ARIEL SECURITY 05Simple Home Security Services

Maybe you just want to install an alarm system to ensure any intruders will be blasted with a loud sound alerting you to the break-in. We’ve got you covered!

Our team will assess your needs, show you the weak areas around your home, and provide a custom-designed home alarm system to fit your need and budget. Your new alarm system will blend in with your home and provide the security you desire.

More Complex Home Security Services in Cape Town

If you’re seeking a more elaborate home security system, our team has the right solution for you. At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we offer complete home security packages, including CCTV, intercoms, and more. If you prefer multiple security cameras, all points of entry protected, and a more sophisticated home security system, we will make recommendations based on your budget and your needs.

Whether you want a simple home security system or something more complex, our team is ready to help you. Call us today and let one of our security professionals provide a free, no-obligation security consultation.