Cape Town Parking Security Solutions

Monitoring your parking area can help deter crime, provide more efficiency, and ensure you know what’s going on. Our parking solutions fit perfectly with residential and commercial properties to give you the data you need and the protection you desire.

While most security solutions focus on the building, our parking solutions take security to the next level. Why protect just the building and not the parking area? The entry to your parking area is likely the first point of entry, which means, if it’s protected, the chances of a criminal breaching your building go down.

Access Control for Parking

At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we offer sophisticated access control for your parking area. You can ensure only those with permission to enter the parking area get in. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to protect a neighborhood, a business building, or a residential building; our team has the right access control for your parking area.

As your first line of defense, adding access control to the parking entrance just makes sense. You don’t need to pay a guard to stand out at the entrance all day long and let in those allowed. With the right access control system, you can decide who gets in and who doesn’t without anybody operating the gate

parking security

Parking Security Cameras

Of course, securing your parking area also requires the right security cameras. With sophisticated technology, you can ensure you have eyes on every portion of your parking area with just a few cameras. Depending on the size of your parking lot, you might only need one or two strategically placed cameras to capture all the action.

We even offer security cameras with automatic number plate recognition or ANPR. These cameras can capture the license plate of vehicles as they enter and alert you of an intruder. 

Our parking lot security solutions give you excellent protection before someone even steps foot into your building. Whether you’re protecting a residential area or a commercial building, we’re here to help. Call us today and let one of our security professionals assess your parking lot security risks.