Cape Town IT Services

At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we specialize in commercial and residential security. However, our team is well-trained in IT services since they go hand-in-hand with security services in today’s world.

If you don’t have adequate IT services, such as Wi-Fi, your security system might not work correctly. Our team provides complete IT services for installing Wi-Fi, extending your coverage area, and much more. We can help you at home or your business. 

IT Services for Video Intercom, Access Control, & Security Systems

Your internet connection will likely be used for specific equipment within your business. You might need a Wi-Fi signal for the access control system to work correctly or for your video intercom. It could also be one of the main ways your security system functions correctly.

IT services

While most systems have a backup option or may function to some extent without a strong Wi-Fi signal, a Wi-Fi connection makes these systems function even better. If you don’t have a strong enough connection, your other systems might not function as well as they should.

Gaining Wi-Fi Throughout the Entire Building

Are you sick of the dead spots in your Wi-Fi coverage? Do you need to ensure you will have internet access throughout your entire building with a strong connection? 

Whether you need a Wi-Fi connection for security reasons or just to ensure all your employees can access the internet, we’re here to help. Our team of trained IT professionals can provide your signal reaches the entire building. We can extend coverage and help ensure all those in need of a strong Wi-Fi connection can get one throughout your building.

Maybe you’re trying to offer free Wi-Fi services for all your tenants in a larger apartment building. Ensuring they get a strong signal is essential if you want to use free Wi-Fi to sell your rentals to new tenants. We can look at your current system and make recommendations to ensure your signal reaches every single corner you want it to reach.

It doesn’t matter if you need a strong Wi-Fi signal for your security system, access control system, or just so employees or tenants can check email; we’re here to help. Our technicians will assess the issues and provide the right solutions for your needs.

At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we offer various IT services to ensure you have the Wi-Fi coverage you need in Cape Town. Call us today if you need professional IT services for your home or business.