Security Services in Cape Town

ARIEL INTEGRATED SECURITY SOLUTIONS offers a wide selection of services, products, and installations to our commercial and residential customers.

The efficiency of your overall security system depends on how intelligently it is planned and installed. Every property offers unique challenges. We focus on understanding how people work and live in commercial properties and homes. Our solutions are not just about protecting bricks, mortar, and valuable assets. They’re also geared towards helping people live and work free of anxiety and apprehension; keeping your loved ones and property safe at all times, without ever placing a drag on relaxed, easy living.

Our comprehensive range of next-gen, top-tech security solutions safeguards your commercial and home premises around the clock.

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Commercial Security Services

Protect your staff, customers, and physical property with physical security solutions. Then, monitor your business from anywhere, any time with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
We start by investigating the risk profile of your business. After that, we design an integrated security system to address each one of these risk areas, while remaining conscious of your budget and needs.

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Residential Security Services

Keep your home safe without making it look like Fort Nox. We pride ourselves on designing intuitive security solutions that are discreet and aesthetically pleasing without compromising your family’s security. Whether it’s an intercom or alarm, or more complex solutions like CCTV, we’ll make sure that your home security works well while looking good.

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Design Services

If you are a building company, architect, or home designer, we’d love to work with you to design and install a custom, integrated security system for your needs. We’ll take the load off and will manage all your security projects from start to finish, which means one less thing for you to worry about.

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Repair and Maintenance Services

If your security system is not working or simply needs to be maintained, get in touch, We’ll schedule one of our professional technicians to troubleshoot your system and repair where it’s needed.

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IT Services

Our technicians are able to help install WiFi, assist with coverage extension, and a variety of IT solutions for both your home or business.

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Free Consulting Service

Our specialist security consultant is happy to give you a no-obligation free security consultation for your home or business.

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Parking Solutions

Automatic Number Plate Recognition and sophisticated access control, remote booms and strategically placed cameras ensure that your parking area whether commercial or residential remains secure and monitored at all times.