Cape Town Video Intercom Systems

A great way to communicate throughout your home or business is with a video intercom system. This type of system can also help give you access control for your home or your business. Whether you want to keep certain people out or make your communications throughout a more extensive building easier, a video intercom is a great solution.

At Ariel Integrated Security Solutions, we provide the best video intercom technology on the market. Our team installs video intercom systems for residential and commercial buildings. 

Benefits of a Video Intercom System

1. See Visitors

With a video intercom system set up at the front door of your home or business, you can see your visitors. This is a great way to screen people before they gain access to your building.

video intercom system

2. Discreet Way to Report Intruders

When a visitor shows up that you want to let in, it’s easy. Just press a button, and you can let them in. However, if they are not welcome, you can see them, record the video and discreetly report them to the proper authorities.

3. Easier Communications

Even if you don’t use a video intercom system for security or your front door, it can be installed throughout your building for better communications. You can quickly call the right office or room to find someone or to communicate with them. Inter-office communications can become far more straightforward with video intercom systems. 

4. Integrate with CCTV Systems

There are plenty of video intercom systems that can be integrated with CCTV systems. This can give you even more benefits for your building security system.

5. Deters Crime

When you have video surveillance at the front door, it deters crime. Many criminals won’t mess with a system that could capture their actions. Just having a video intercom acting as your access control system will help deter crime.

Get Your Video Intercom System Installed Today

When you’re ready to communicate better or add to your security system with a video intercom system, our team is prepared to help you. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for your security needs, whether it’s a full system or just a video intercom you need. 

Call us today and let one of our security professionals provide the right type of video intercom for your needs.