Cape Town CCTV Systems

Today’s security systems require more than just a door sensor and a motion detector. You need full security to ensure you know what’s going on at home or your business at all times. CCTV offers the ability to monitor your home or business 24/7/365.

With the right security cameras, you can receive alerts to your mobile device anytime activity is sensed. Some cameras will even provide license place recognition or face recognition technology. No matter how sophisticated you need your CCTV security system, we can provide it at Ariel Integrated Security Solutions.

ARIEL DRONE 32Benefits of a CCTV Security System

1. Prevents Crime

If criminals can see there are cameras installed, they will likely avoid your business or home. No criminal wants to be caught on camera doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

CCTV systems can help to prevent vandalism, break-ins, and other serious crimes. Whether you’re running a non-retail business or a retail business, the right CCTV security system will help to protect your assets. 

2. Better Employee Production

Employees tend to work better when they know they could be seen on camera doing something they shouldn’t be doing or just being lazy. Retail businesses, hotels, supermarkets, factories, and other businesses will likely see more employee productivity with a CCTV surveillance system.

3. Fewer Employee Related Incidences

It’s common for employees to do things they shouldn’t, such as steal things, fight, or even harass someone. When you install a CCTV security system in Cape Town, you will notice a reduction in employee-related incidences. 

Your employees don’t want to get caught on camera stealing or harassing someone. Even skimming behaviors can be deterred with strategically placed cameras.

4. Lowers Security Costs

With the right CCTV security system, you can cut down other security costs. Since you will have eyes on all the high-risk areas, it won’t be necessary to hire security guards for your entire business. Plus, if something does happen, you will have video evidence of the incident.

5. Monitor Your Home

Whether you want to look in on the babysitter or make sure you know when a package is dropped off, a home CCTV system can help you monitor your home. You can see if a babysitter is watching your children properly and better protect your children. Even with just a camera monitoring the front door, you’ll know when anybody arrives at your home to drop off a package or for any other reason.

A CCTV security system offers many benefits for businesses and homeowners. If you want better security, adding cameras to your system is a great option.

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