Residential & Commercial Security Products

Our experience and range of expertise mean we’re able to work with an array of the best security products suited to both residential and commercial needs.

Ariel has scoured the world to find the latest and greatest in access control, alarm systems, CCTV, remote monitoring, and biometric recognition systems. These products have been hand-picked for their reliability, efficiency, and technological superiority. We use only the latest, trialed and tested, well-vetted, dependable technology on the market.


Access Control

Secure and control all your entrances. Get important data about the time of arrival and exit of visitors, biometric access control, and face recognition.

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Our alarms systems can be monitored from the palm of your hand. They’ll tell which sensors have been activated so that you can check on your camera of that area, take video and share it. You can also connect our alarm systems to your preferred security service company.

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We can install IP HD cameras at all levels to give you the best resolution and cover all areas in your facilities. We cover Face and Licence plate recognition cameras, analytic cameras, and more.

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Video Intercom

Control access to your home or business with a video intercom. We can even integrate it with your IP cameras system that can be controlled by the home station or your mobile phone.

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Telephone Entry System

Control your doors from your mobile phone with a telephone entry system. We can install an audio system with a gsm dialler or your landline phone.

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PA Systems

If you need a Public Address (PA) system for your business, whether it’s retail, industrial, or corporate, we’ll fit the right solution for your size and budget.