Why you need to have a video intercom system at your business

Dec 14, 2022 | Business Security Tips

When you need to better run your business, a video intercom system just makes sense. Not only can this add convenience to your day-to-day operations, but it can also provide better security.

Choosing the right commercial video intercom system for your business offers many benefits. With a better understanding of the benefits, you’ll be able to see why you need to have a video intercom system at your business.

Top 7 Benefits of a Video Intercom System for Your Business

1. More Security

Whether you run a small business or a very large business, adding a video intercom system gives you access to more security. A multi-unit video intercom can stamp pictures with the time and date when someone accesses the building or a specific room. This can help to create an audit trail, which can be helpful for your overall security.

2. Show You Who is There

You can use a video intercom system to see who is at the front or back door before answering it. This can be helpful when identifying suppliers, customers, or anybody else coming to your business. You can grant access or deny it, when necessary.

3. Helps Reduce the Risk of Vandalism

If a potential vandal thinks they could be watched, they are less likely to commit vandalism. Your video intercom system will have cameras that can be a great deterrent for crime, especially vandalism.

4. Provide Access When You’re Not There

Some video intercom systems can be connected directly to your smartphone. This allows you to provide access for employees, suppliers, or others when you’re not there to answer the door. If you need to let someone into your business, you can see who they are, when they arrived, and grant access.

5. Improves Communication

With a good video intercom system, you can improve the communication of your business from employee to employee or from employee to customer. It can help provide an easier flow of communication with the right setup.

6. Offer After-Hours Assistance

When someone shows up after-hours, a video intercom system can allow them to contact your security team, if necessary. They can get the help they need in an emergency situation through the intercom system.

7. Integrates with Your CCTV System

If you already have a CCTV system, you can add a video intercom system to it. This can give you better security and an easier line of communication. With both systems working together, you can get the best security possible at the access points of your business or commercial buildings.

Video intercom systems offer many benefits for your business. When you install this type of system, it can help to deter crime and give you the versatility you desire for your communications. There are many good reasons to consider a video intercom system for your business.

No matter your reason, you can gain several excellent benefits with the right video intercom system. Make sure to have it installed by a professional and watch your business benefit.