Where to Install Security Cameras at Your Home

Mar 23, 2023 | Home Security Tips

You’ve decided to install security cameras at your home, but you’re not sure where to put them. You want to cover some prominent areas, but what’s the best way to go about gaining the coverage you want? Let’s look at some of the best places to install security cameras in your home.

Front Door

This one might seem obvious, but installing a front door camera is a must. Since a large percentage of break-ins happen directly through the front door, this is the first place to install a security camera.

Back Door

Another rather obvious option, you want to install a security camera capable of covering your back door. This is likely the second place a burglar will try to enter, especially if they can do so without getting caught on camera or in the light.

If you have just a front door camera, a burglar might figure this out, skip the front door, and go directly to the back door. Make sure you cover this entry point, too.

First-Floor Windows

Covering your first-floor windows isn’t relatively as easy as the doors, but this is another popular entryway. Installing a camera above these windows can help, but you might also be able to install a camera on the size of your home to cover multiple windows at once.

These cameras need to be installed high enough to ensure they cannot easily be removed or tampered with. 

Interior Areas

If you’re a parent and you want to ensure your babysitter is doing their job, you might install nanny cameras in the main areas and the bedrooms of your children. These cameras can allow you to peek in on the babysitter and help you keep track of your kids. 

Interior cameras may also capture a burglar if they make it into your home and past your outdoor cameras. 


A camera in your garage or covering your garage is a must. This could be another entry-point or a place where a burglar could break directly into the garage only to steal something valuable. You want to have a camera covering the garage, but it could also be covering windows or doors if placed correctly.

Gated Entry

If you have a gated entry, having a security camera installed to cover this entry is smart. It can ensure nobody gets in without first being caught on camera. You can even use a video access control system or intercom system to make it impossible to get in through the gate without approval.

Depending on your home, budget, and security needs, you might want to cover all entry points with cameras or just want to cover the front door. There are many places on a residential property to install security cameras. Assess your specific needs before you move forward with having security cameras installed.

We can help by providing free, no-obligation security consultation. One of our security professionals will ensure you get the right security cameras installed in the proper placement for your home.