Top Features of Modern Video Intercom Systems

Aug 11, 2022 | Apartment Building Security Tip, Business Security Tips, Parking Lot Security Tips

When you’re considering adding a modern video intercom system to your building, it’s smart to understand the features. There are benefits and features of these systems for larger buildings and smaller buildings. Let’s look at some of the common features you will find.

Internet Connectivity

One of the main features of a modern video intercom system is the ability to connect the system to the internet. There are many great features, but this one allows for you to gain remote access when someone triggers the system.

You can monitor the system from anywhere with your smartphone. This allows you to capture real-time video without issues. Internet connectivity also allows for better communication with people delivering packages.

Complete Access Control

Today’s video intercom systems can certainly work as access control systems. Whether it’s just for your home or for a large apartment building, access control can be very helpful. The right video intercom system can certainly offer great access control features.

When your intercom is integrated into the access control, it’s easier to unlock doors for the right people and keep them locked for the wrong people. Your system can include a keypad, an RFID reader, or another type of access control. It can even be set up to ensure you can control the door lock from a smartphone or your residents can.

This feature can help with package delivery, letting in contractors, allowing people to watch your pets, or for many other issues. There are many benefits of this feature for those installing a modern video intercom system.

Contactless Entry

You can let residents in, even if they lost their key. With the right video intercom system with access control, you can send a temporary passcode to let someone in once. This is a big deal when it comes to running a residential building. Residents forget keys or lose them. You can let them in from anywhere with a smartphone with today’s modern systems.

Management Alert Systems

If you use a modern video intercom system on a residential building, your residents can also alert the management, when necessary. Maybe someone is trying to get in that doesn’t belong. If this is the case, a resident can easily alert the management staff or building security to deal with the issue.

These systems can even allow you to alert the authorities. Some systems can save time-stamped images of visitors, which can be used for an investigation, as well. Overall, these systems offer more security than the older systems.

Modern video intercom systems offer many more features today than they used to. No longer are these systems just a picture and a voice with the push of a button. They can include motion sensors, video recording, and many other features for better package delivery, tenant management, and security.

When you’re ready to install a new video intercom system, Ariel Security is ready to help you. We can advise you on the right system for your needs and install it for you quickly.