Protecting Your Home While Traveling: Tips for Peace of Mind

Sep 19, 2023 | Home Security Tips

With home break-ins still the top crime in South Africa, it’s wise to take precautionary steps before going away for extended periods. There are plenty of home security tips available that can make your trip worry-free.

Top Home Security Tips to Use While Traveling

1. Have a Home Security System

Investment in a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home while on vacation. From video doorbells that connect directly with smartphones and notify of activity on your property to professional monitoring services that alert authorities of suspicious activity on the premises, home security systems can reduce the chances of burglaries occurring while you’re gone.

2. Leave a Key with a Friend or Neighbor

An option for home watching when you are away is finding someone you trust to collect mail and newspapers, water plants and mow the lawn as well as help when needed. A neighbor or trusted friend are ideal candidate. They can collect mail and newspapers, water plants, and mow lawns as needed as well as provide other assistance if required.

But it is essential that you hire someone trustworthy; someone you can entrust with being in your home without breaking anything and with notifying you immediately of any discrepancies or problems that might occur.

Make sure they know how to turn off the water supply so if a pipe bursts, they can turn it off in order to prevent flooding of your house. Also, avoid leaving lights on all day as this signals to thieves that you are away; setting your lights on a timer instead may be better suited.

3. Hold Your Mail

Your mail being left piling up on your doorstep or overflowing from your mailbox can signal to would-be criminals that you are away. Luckily, the Post Office South Africa offers Hold Mail option that will hold onto it for up to 30 days while you’re gone.

4. Unplug Electronics

Another area you must protect your home against while away is property damage. A broken appliance or power surge could lead to floodwater entering the building or even cause a fire in it – the last thing you want is property damage due to unexpected events!

Unplugging electronics like computers, TVs, and sound systems will save energy consumption while helping prevent potential fire hazards while you’re gone. If you’re concerned about returning to a dark home when you return from your trip, our residential electricians offer lighting optimization solutions such as timers and sensors which will give the appearance that someone is home at any given moment.

If you own smart home devices, we suggest using an app that will remotely switch them off at specific times. In addition, set your thermostat lower so it uses less electricity during your absence.

5. Hide Your Valuables

Robbery can be an immense hassle at any time, but especially distressful while on vacation. To protect your valuables and safeguard against possible thefts while traveling, ensure they are separated into multiple places so as to limit risk in case any one location gets discovered by thieves.

An effective way of concealing cash and credit cards is with a fake wallet. Doing this gives criminals the illusion that there is money within, yet when they inspect it, they find nothing of value.

Prior to leaving on your trip, it is best to bring your spare keys indoors for safekeeping. Hiding them beneath flower pots, door mats, or mailboxes could give thieves a clue that you are away and lead them on an easy hunt for more valuable targets.