Preventing Break-Ins: Effective Strategies to Deter Burglars

Nov 21, 2023 | Home Security Tips

Burglars typically look for items they can quickly take and resell quickly, such as cash and jewelry that may be hidden within the home. An active neighborhood watch program and dog are effective deterrents for burglars. A dog may also help deter these criminals.

Keep your windows and doors locked

Many burglaries occur through unlocked windows and doors; therefore, it’s wise to always ensure they’re locked when you’re home. Double-cylinder deadbolts offer maximum protection.

If your valuables can easily be seen from your yard or sidewalk, consider rearranging their items within your house to lessen their visibility. This might mean moving paintings and electronics away from areas where they can be easily seen – as an example.

Take precautions when going on vacation

Make your home appear to be occupied when leaving for an extended period, whether for vacation or business purposes. Doing this will deter burglars by making them believe someone is present. 

Ask neighbors to bring in mail, water the garden, and take garbage cans back and forth from the curb – this gives the impression of regular activity while giving off the impression that no one is home alone. Creating a neighborhood watch where neighbors look out for one another would also be wise.

Keep your garage door closed

While leaving your garage door open may seem obvious, leaving it open is an open invitation to burglars to break in and make off with valuables from your garage. Thieves could use vehicles to quickly back into the open garage before loading it with items before speeding away in their vehicle.

Thieves will often scope out a house before breaking in, and if your yard contains ladders or large appliances that provide easy entry points such as ladders or appliances they could quickly gain entry through windows. Make sure such objects are locked away securely as well as trim trees to reduce cover.

Obstruct views of your home

Before breaking in, thieves often scope out your home through windows to assess any valuables visible through them. Keep bushes trimmed back and doors visible so thieves do not have an easy place to hide and can quickly gain entry.

An immaculate yard can send the message that someone is home – consider adding rosebushes with easy-access windows, gravel pathways, and driveways, as well as lights with timers that turn them on in the evening.

Be observant

Burglars tend to target homes they believe will be unoccupied, so it’s essential that they see evidence that someone is home. Leave interior and exterior lights on with timers set, keep the television or radio on to create noise, keep curtains in their normal places, and stop mail/newspaper deliveries or have someone pick them up from your neighbors – these simple measures should all give the appearance that someone is present and safe from invasion.

Landscape design can also play an effective role in deterring burglars. When landscaping around windows that could provide cover from burglars, avoid planting shrubs near windows that might provide cover, and cut back lower branches of trees that could serve as ladders. 

When using gravel on walkways for security, its crunching sound serves as psychological deterrence against burglars. Furthermore, ensure your street number is clearly visible from the curb for quicker police response in neighborhoods without sidewalks or alleyways.

Don’t leave valuables out in the open

Burglars will often spend considerable time casing homes before making their move. They pay attention to when and how long you leave home, any expensive items left lying around such as boxes for TVs or computers being left out by the curb, and whether or not these boxes contain valuables that thieves could see through, giving them enough information about what may be in them to target your house later that day for an attempted break-in.

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent break-ins is with a residential security system. When you have a home security system, criminals are more likely to pass over your home and move onto another.