Parking Security Beyond Cameras: What Else to Add

Sep 5, 2023 | Parking Lot Security Tips

Parking security can be an ongoing challenge for businesses that cater to the general public, as it helps businesses secure customer loyalty while decreasing liability claims. Visible surveillance cameras serve as an effective deterrent against criminals and can significantly decrease theft, loitering, and property damage in lots and garages. However, cameras are not the only security device you need. Let’s look at some of the other parking security options to consider.

Access Control System

One of the best ways to secure any parking lot is with an access control system. When someone has to punch in a code or swipe a card to get into the parking lot, this type of security can use an access control system to keep people that don’t belong in the parking lot out. 


Parking lot operators must talk about ways they can ensure customers, employees, and vehicles remain safe beyond camera surveillance systems. Good signage can go a long way to help deter criminals throughout your parking area.

Not every parking lot can afford 24/7 staffing, but having clearly marked call boxes combined with remote video monitoring can reduce liability risk by giving security a more visible presence in the lot. Cameras equipped with license plate recognition technology can track vehicles for faster identification of suspects and prosecution.


Security remains a top concern in parking lots despite a decrease in property crimes, especially car thefts. Criminals don’t just steal cars but they may also target furniture, landscaping, and shopping carts in store lots as potential targets of their crimes.

Lighting can be a powerful weapon against crime. Well-lit parking lots help deter crime while also creating a safer parking experience for customers. Utilizing metal halide or LED lights ensures every corner is covered, eliminating shadowy spots where criminals might lurk.

Security Barriers

In some cases, you may need to use security barriers to block off areas that are vulnerable. This may include using high fences or other security structures to ensure you can keep people out that don’t belong. Gates can also help to keep your parking lot secure.

Security Guards

Often, one of the best ways to deter crime in the parking area of your business or facility is with security guards. When you have an actual guard or a few guards on duty, criminals are less likely to target vehicles and items in your parking area. 

Sometimes, you will need a guard at the gate, if you need a higher level of security. Other times, it can be a facility security guard that makes rounds through the parking lot on a regular basis. 

Along with these security tips for your parking security, you want to make sure you keep up with maintenance. It won’t do you much good to have a security system installed if it doesn’t work properly. Make sure you keep up with the maintenance and use these tips to help with parking security.