How to Manage & Increase Wi-Fi Coverage for Your Business

Nov 2, 2022 | Business Security Tips

When you need to make sure you have better Wi-Fi coverage for your business, you should know how to increase and manage coverage. Your Wi-Fi might be what drives your business. Employees can use the connection to access the internet, for payment systems, your security system, and so much more. 

If you’re trying to manage and increase your Wi-Fi coverage, you should know how to make it happen. Here are some of the ways to manage and improve your Wi-Fi coverage for your business.

7 Tips for Making Your Business Wi-Fi Work Better

1. Place Your Central Router Properly

Any Wi-Fi connection depends on the central router. Poor placement will lead to interference and could lead to spotty coverage. If you want the best covers, you want to find a central room for your router. When you need to cover multiple floors for your business, you should ensure you find the most central location properly.

One of the most significant issues with a Wi-Fi connection is interference. If you don’t choose the right spot, you could end up with a poor connection throughout your business.

2. Add Signal Boosting

Even with the perfect location for your central router, your business will likely be too big to get the Wi-Fi connection you desire. Adding ranger extenders and repeaters will allow for a better Wi-Fi connection with a more extensive range. Placing a repeater or range extender in the right place can help eliminate interference and help spread your Wi-Fi signal throughout your business.

3. Use the Right Frequency

You might be able to gain better coverage from your Wi-Fi by managing the frequency. The network’s administrator interface will show which frequency you’re using. A dual-band router works best through the 5GHz band instead of the more common 2.4GHz band. 

5GHz offers faster speeds and less interference, in most cases. This is a simple change you can use to boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

4. Consider a Different Channel

If many others surround your business, you might need to use a different channel for your Wi-Fi network. Other networks can interfere with yours and cause issues with your coverage. Trying different channels on your Wi-Fi router and network can help you manage a better Wi-Fi network and gain better coverage.

5. Increase your Service

Of course, you can always check with your ISP and increase the type of service you have. Sometimes, it’s not a coverage issue as much as a service issue. The internet might move slowly because you don’t have enough bandwidth within your service package.

6. Secure Your Network

An open Wi-Fi network invites others to use it, which can cause issues. When you secure your network, you get rid of the intruders.

7. Upgrade Old Hardware

Newer equipment often offers better coverage for your business Wi-Fi. It might be time to upgrade your equipment to ensure you get the best coverage possible.

If you’re not sure how to manage and increase your business Wi-Fi coverage, we’re here to help. Our IT services ensure you will gain the coverage you need with recommendations from one of our professionals.