How to Boost Your Parking Lot’s Security

Nov 16, 2022 | Parking Lot Security Tips

For many businesses, the parking lot is the first point of access. This means, if someone means your business harm, they will enter the parking lot first. Boosting parking lot security is the best way to ensure you have better business security outside your business.

While you can spend the money on actual security guards, this isn’t necessary for boosting parking lot security. Here are some of the top ways to increase your security in the parking area without hiring security guards.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Parking Lot Security

1. Install Security Cameras

One of the best ways to increase your parking lot security is with security cameras. Some cameras even can recognize license plates to ensure you know who’s in the parking lot at any given time. Even with just basic cameras, you’ll gain an incredible crime deterrent. 

2. Use Gated Access Control

The parking lot doesn’t have to be open for anybody to pull in. Adding gated access control gives you excellent security to ensure you don’t allow strangers into your parking lot.

Access control can come with video, audio, and other technology forms to make it easier to keep people out that don’t belong. You can even use an automated system only allowing those in with the right code, which can be sent to a smartphone or used as a PIN.

3. Add Plenty of Lights

Lighting is the enemy of those trying to cause issues or break-in. Adding lights to your parking lot might seem a bit basic, but it’s necessary and a great security measure. It can help ensure people are not attacked when going to their cars and shine a light on anybody trying to harm your employees, customers, or business. 

4. Use Proper Landscaping

With landscaping, you can make access to your parking lot much harder to obtain. It can genuinely make your parking lot a one-way in and one way out, the type of place where a person cannot simply walk into the parking lot. 

Thick bushes can be used to keep people from getting through to your parking lot. The right landscaping can help to ensure you gain much better parking lot security.

5. Add Emergency Phones

While most people carry a phone today, emergency phones can still add to your parking lot security. These phones offer a faster response time in many cases, keeping people from having to fumble for their phones. It’s an easy and straightforward way to get in touch with authorities fast.

There are many ways to boost your parking lot security. With these five options, you can make it harder for criminals to enter your business and keep people safe within your parking lot. 

Our team will help ensure you get exactly the right components and systems to secure your parking lot. Whether you run a large business with a massive parking lot or a small business with just a few parking spots in your lot, securing your parking area is important. Let us help you by recommending the right options for your parking lot security.