How Smart Home Security Systems Can Make Your Life Easier

Oct 24, 2023 | Home Security Tips

Smart security systems can notify you about break-ins or an unsecured door, and work alongside other smart home devices like security cameras and flood or smoke detectors to provide full oversight of your home.

Most smart home security systems allow for self-monitoring so that you can manage settings or receive notifications directly on your phone from anywhere in the world. Here are a few ways smart home security systems can make life simpler:

Remote Access

Smart devices that connect with a smartphone app provide remote control, including voice command functionality for turning off lights, checking on children or pets, or communicating with security systems.

Insurance providers frequently offer discounted premiums or reduced deductibles for homes equipped with security systems, since burglary and other forms of home damage are less likely to occur in such homes.

Burglaries and break-ins are an increasing problem for homeowners. Smart security systems can deter criminals by sending signals that you have high-tech protection in place – this should force them to look for easier targets instead. 

Furthermore, some cameras are equipped to capture evidence of crimes for law enforcement while some devices allow users to easily save videos to their phones for easy sharing; this feature is most often available with indoor camera models that can be connected continuously.

24/7 Monitoring

Your home is more than four walls; it’s where you nurture family relationships, cultivate new ideas, and make memories that deserve protection.

Smart security systems are on 24/7, which means they can detect intruders or fires even when you’re away from home. Some systems also include 24/7 professional monitoring which means someone will call authorities if your alarm goes off but you’re unable to respond in time.

If you don’t want to pay for professional monitoring, many smart security systems offer voice activation with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant that allows for easier arming and disarming via Amazon Echo or Google Home devices, as well as integration into smart device routines. 

This makes keeping tabs on cleaning services, tradespeople, or dog walkers easy so you know when they arrive or depart while also helping reduce false alarms caused by cooking smoke or pets roaming about.

Notifications on Your Phone

Many smart security systems can also integrate with home automation devices like lights and switches, allowing you to control them remotely with your phone or voice assistant – an added deterrent against crime, as thieves are less likely to target unoccupied homes.

Smart door and window sensors work by alerting you if someone attempts to enter from outside, opens a door, or attempts to break in through windows. Some models include built-in video cameras which let you see who is at your doorstep from your smartphone.

Smart home security systems often offer keypads and fobs that quickly arm or disarm their security system compared to using an app, making this option ideal for those with dog walkers, cleaners or tradespeople coming into their home while they’re away. Some models also allow two-way talk so you can communicate with these individuals if necessary and avoid false alarms that could cause alarm among neighbors and yourself alike.

Downloadable Video Clips

Most smart security systems include cameras that monitor your home and record short clips in the cloud so you can check in even when you aren’t there. This enables you to monitor activity when away.

Artificial intelligence-powered systems use artificial intelligence to identify people as distinct from cars or animals, helping reduce false alerts from cars or animals. Some systems allow you to set names for friends and family so you’ll receive specific notifications whenever someone enters your house or your kids return from school.

Many of these devices can also be activated with voice-based voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. You can set a routine that arm your system whenever the lights on your porch turn on at dusk – perfect for deterring burglars and keeping an eye on children when you aren’t around! Many systems also allow trusted friends or family members to be added as additional monitoring eyes at no additional charge!