Home Security Myths Debunked

Oct 10, 2023 | Home Security Tips

Many homeowners worry about being burglarized, leading them to neglect proper home security and safety measures. Before you start worrying as a homeowner, it’s important to consider some of the myths that are out there. Let’s debunk some of the home security myths that you might have come across.

Myth 1: Burglars Can Disarm Your System

Burglars cannot disarm your system if it was set up using professional services, but that does not guarantee they won’t enter without being noticed – that’s why it is crucial to consult a security expert prior to making decisions regarding the security of your home.

Myth 2: Burglars Only Break in at Night

Most burglaries occur during daylight hours because thieves are opportunists who target homes with lower stakes in low-income neighborhoods and leave doors and windows open while on vacation or running errands during daytime hours.

Some burglars use social media to identify when homeowners are away, so if this concerns you, avoid sharing your vacation plans on social media and instead vary your routine to make it more difficult for thieves to predict them – for instance by walking your pet at different times each day or running in different neighborhoods.

Night is also more difficult for homeowners to see evidence of break-ins; many assume burglars enter homes at this time; but this may not always be the case.

Eliminate hiding places by trimming back bushes or shrubs that block windows, entryways, or patios. Also, keep an eye on trash and recycling bins as thieves could monitor these containers to see if you have recently made large purchases and are disposing of their boxes. Also, avoid publicly announcing vacation plans on social media and posting beach glamour shots while away.

Myth 3: Nicer Neighborhoods Have Lower Crime Rates

Nice neighborhoods don’t necessarily equate to low crime rates, since criminals can strike at any moment and burglaries may occur at any hour of the day or night – 51% occur during daytime because thieves know most homeowners will either be at work or away on vacation when burglaries take place.

Just because you choose to live in a neighborhood with nicer, more expensive homes doesn’t mean you will be living in an area that won’t experience break-ins. In fact, a nicer neighborhood can become a target as criminals will know that you have nicer things, and they can break in and steal from you.

Myth 4: Home Security Systems Don’t Deter Crime

This is simply not true. Having a home security system installed will certainly help to deter crime. When you place stickers on your windows informing that your home is protected and a sign in your front yard, it will likely cause a criminal to skip over your home.

Criminals are not looking for a challenge. They are looking for an easy target and a home security system makes you a harder target than a home without one. 

Myths about home security should never impede on your efforts to increase its protection. Take the time to research each device or service before making your choice and read contracts thoroughly to make sure everything fits within the agreement. Reach out today so we can schedule a consultation session with our security experts!