Ensuring Peace of Mind and Top-Notch Home Security

Aug 24, 2022 | Home Security Tips

How much value can you place on peace of mind?

What cost is worth it to ensure the safety and security of your family each evening when they drift off to sleep?

When it comes to safeguarding your home and loved ones, an upfront investment in home security and alarm systems pays off enormous dividends over time.

AJAX security product installer

Consider the reasons our customers continue to trust in Ajax:

  • Protecting your loved ones and property from steep rise in crime rates. Opportunistic crimes are on the rise in many communities, especially as perpetrators develop more technological savviness to circumvent outdated security systems. This is the time to re-evaluate your home’s security posture and re-evaluate potential spots of weakness.
  • Take advantage of the next generation of security systems. The industry has seen marked upgrades in security systems in recent years, with Ajax leading the way on developing and leveraging innovative solutions that use technologies like biometric security systems and remote devices to instantaneously alert homeowners of potential threats. We have scoured the world to develop the latest breakthroughs in remote monitoring, access control, and emerging but well-vetted tools.
  • We specialize in intelligent, well-considered installation. The efficiency of your overall security systems depends in large part on how intelligently it is installed and planned. Our team of technicians undergo the most rigorous training – thinking about your home’s potential weaknesses from the perspective of perpetrators and identifying all potential weak spots. They’ll work closely with you to understand your lifestyle and access flow – ensuring that you can safeguard your home without needing to compromise your daily routine.


As the most awarded wireless security system in Europe and growing widely in adoption in other regions, Ajax has earned the trust of home and commercial customers for its award-winning security system, earning recognition from industry groups around the globe for its next-generation innovative products, alarm systems, and services.  

With lightning-fast detection capabilities, Ajax allows you to instantly detect potential trouble, whether preventing a break-in or identifying troublesome potential for fires or floods. Above all, Ajax helps ensure your freedom from care, anxiety, and apprehension, giving you full confidence in your home’s safety with holistic security solutions that render your home impenetrable and allow you to sleep safely. Visit us today to learn more with a free, no-obligation security consultation. We’re ready to help you ensure the safety and security of the most important place in the world – your home.