3 Tips for Working with Facial Recognition Cameras

Nov 30, 2022 | Business Security Tips

Using facial recognition cameras is usually found with a sophisticated security system. These cameras offer a unique way to provide excellent security, but they aren’t basic surveillance cameras. Let’s look at what facial recognition is and a few tips for working with facial recognition cameras.

What is Facial Recognition Technology?

Facial recognition technology is defined by Techopedia as “a biometric software application capable of uniquely identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the person’s facial contours.”

In simple terms, facial recognition technology recognizes a person’s face based on the unique features they have and matches it to information found within a database to identify who a person is. Typically, a facial recognition system will detect the face, analyze it, convert the image into data, and find a match.

Facial recognition can be used within cameras for all types of things. It can help identify genetic disorders, prevent shoplifting, identify those old enough to buy a specific product, offer security at schools, and even make airline security easier. 

Top 3 Tips for Using Facial Recognition Cameras

1. Placement for Crime Prevention

Like any other type of camera, facial recognition cameras need to be appropriately placed to prevent crime. You need to be able to gain a clear image of the face of someone in your business. Without the ability to gain a clear look at the face, these cameras become just basic cameras.

Proper placement of these cameras can help to deter retail crime and other types of crime. You can even see if someone has been convicted of shoplifting before if facial recognition cameras are appropriately placed within your business.

2. Avoid Controversial Uses

When working with facial recognition cameras, you don’t want to end up in some controversy due to how you used them. There are some ways you should avoid using this type of technology. For example, you should not use facial recognition to keep an eye on people in your business that are doing nothing wrong. 

If you start to evaluate the actions of people you decide to track, it can become controversial. China has taken this even further by using facial recognition cameras to provide a citizen score, which is going over the use for this type of technology. 

Using facial recognition cameras to spot potential shoplifters or criminals is one thing. Taking it further to track customer movements and to evaluate their actions might be stepping over a privacy line.

3. Get Professional Installation

Facial recognition cameras are not cheap, and they have to be installed properly. When working with these types of cameras, you should always have a professional install them. They are not just any security camera, and a professional security expert will know how to place them properly and set up the technology correctly.

There are many things to be aware of when working with facial recognition cameras. Whether you’re using these cameras for security within your retail location or as a part of an access control system, make sure you’re using them properly.