3 Smart Features of Today’s Video Intercom Systems

Sep 21, 2022 | Apartment Building Security Tip, Business Security Tips, Home Security Tips

Today’s video intercom systems have plenty of smart features. Whether you’re considering a system for your home or your business, getting the right smart features will make a difference. There are several new features to be aware of, but the following three smart features are the most common in video intercom systems today.

Top 3 Smart Features Found in Video Intercom Systems Today

1. Ability to Answer from Anywhere

There are several new smart features, but the ability to answer your video intercom system from anywhere is probably the most unique. No longer do you have to be within the building where the video intercom system is installed. If someone shows up at the door, you can answer the call from anywhere with your smartphone.

It’s possible to allow access from anywhere with this smart feature, too. You can let someone into your home or business from anywhere through the right video intercom system with the ability to answer from anywhere.

2. Motion Sensor

While you might think of a video intercom system as a way to communicate from one room to another or from the front door to inside the building, now, video intercom systems can be set up to detect motion if someone walks into a room or up to the front door. This can send a notification to the system owner and make it possible to record the interaction as they use the intercom system.

You can know who’s has the front door before they even know you know they are there. With the right motion sensor camera, you will be alerted on your mobile device as soon as motion is detected.

3. Smart Synching

Another significant advancement with smart video intercom systems is syncing with other smart features in a home or business. With your new video intercom system, you’ll be able to sync it with the rest of your system, including your security system, automated lighting system, access control system, and more. 

There are many smart features you will find in today’s video intercom systems. These three are some of the newer and most common. Of course, plenty of other changes have happened with video intercom systems, as well. 

The sound and video quality have improved to provide a better VGA color image and incredible sound quality. Many video intercom systems no longer require just a bell or buzz sound when you want to communicate with someone in another room or from outside to inside. Instead, you can choose the notification sound you prefer for your system.

Many video intercom systems are more attractive today and integrate into the design of a building. It’s possible to find a system with a sleek aluminum case instead of the common white plastic case. These systems are also more durable than they used to be and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Another significant change you will notice with video intercom systems, the price. With new technology, the prices have dropped dramatically. A system that used to be rather expensive, video intercom systems can be very affordable now.