3 Reasons You Might Need a Video Intercom System

Aug 16, 2023 | Apartment Building Security Tip

Video intercom systems provide both added security and convenience in any building, as they allow residents to easily verify who is at their door or gate before opening it. You can gain many benefits by adding a video intercom system, but do you really need one? Here are three top reasons why you might want to upgrade to a video intercom.

1. You Want Better Safety and Security

The best video intercom systems provide features to ensure the safety of building occupants. Many offer instantaneous sharing with the police, while some can trigger responses when suspicious activity is detected – whether that means loud voices, gunshots, or accessing restricted areas unlawfully.

Smart intercoms combined with visitor management systems can record time-stamped photos of every person entering a building, helping reduce package theft while improving building security by verifying delivery carriers as incoming guests.

Modern video intercom systems now enable tenants to grant remote access to visitors of any kind – friends, family members, or service providers alike – who need to visit an apartment or unit. This can be done via a smartphone app and ensures staff and residents don’t need to worry about anyone accidentally being let in or leaving doors unlocked.

2. It’s Time to Upgrade for More Convenience

An intercom system offers excellent convenience to both building occupants and visitors alike. Residents can see who is at their door without needing to open it themselves and risk letting in unwelcome guests who could pose threats or pose security risks.

Instead of requiring tenants to call and verify visitors themselves, today’s intercoms enable tenants to view visitors on their smartphone and even talk directly with them before they arrive. This enables them to ensure it’s actually a delivery driver, service provider, or security guard before unlocking the door and opening it for them.

A video intercom system also enables residents to easily unlock the door for visitors, service providers, and delivery carriers no matter where they are — be it home, the gym, or walking their dog. This feature makes life much simpler and provides added convenience to any building.

3. You Need Better Building Access Control

Video intercom systems with door release allow building occupants to see visitors before granting them entry – providing significant security improvements over audio-only devices. Doing so helps deter crime such as theft and vandalism on the premises.

Modern video intercom systems are designed to be user-friendly for residents and guests. Their intuitive user interface should make clear what actions are required and allow users to operate it with a single touch on their smartphone – cutting down on trips to the apartment while increasing productivity by enabling staff members to grant entry remotely from their desks.

Installing a video intercom system can help building residents avoid missed deliveries and decrease package theft risk. Many residents will plan their schedule around accepting delivery carriers, so having access to buzz in a carrier from anywhere ensures they do not miss a delivery. 

There are many good reasons to upgrade your building to a video intercom system. These are just three of the better reasons to go ahead and make the change.